Trees are beautiful odes to Mother Nature that offer visual appeal and provide shade during brutal summer weather. Most trees live out a long and healthy life and require little maintenance, but there are times when issues arise and call for a tree to be examined. A tree service salem oregon can help remedy most problems, and ensure trees are healthy and ready to stand up to high winds and other natural elements. Most tree service companies provide a wide array of services, but the following represent the most commonly requested.

Removal of Trees

With time, a tree can age and become brittle. This leaves it very vulnerable to being blown over in high winds or extreme flooding conditions. A tree service salem orewgon can safely remove trees while protecting any property that may be nearby. Smaller trees may be an easy project for a homeowner to tackle, but those that exceed 15 feet in height should only be removed by a trained professional.

Tree Pruning

Limbs and branches can grow in all directions and impede on houses and other structures. A professional tree trimmer can prune a tree while preserving its natural shape. Pruning can also increase the overall health of a tree and encourage new growth, which will make it more stable and less likely to create problems in the future.

Storm Cleanup

High winds are likely to cause unhealthy trees to collapse and damage nearby buildings. The first step of the restoration process is to remove the tree from the property so the extent of the damage can be assessed. A tree service salem oregon will have the knowledge and tools to eliminate the tree safely without creating additional damage to the structure. Contact a tree service at the first sign of disaster and have them survey any remaining trees to help prevent it from happening again.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, there will still be a stump in the ground where it used to stand. This can prevent the area from being used for another purpose, and the only way to remove the stump is to use a professional grinder. A high-velocity machine with metal teeth can crush the stump below the surface of the ground so that the area can be filled with dirt and used for grass or any other vegetation.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is attempting to tackle tree removal themselves. Many who try it end up with serious injuries or damage personal property in the process. Anyone looking for a tree service salem oregon should contact Oregon Woodsmen LLC. Their team of professional tree experts can help ensure trees are healthy and safely remove those that are likely to cause future problems.